Shopwiki: A Wiki-ternative to Online Shopping

Have you guys had any experience with online shopping? I myself do have little history with such kind of purchasing. From my experience, and many other as some research revealed, usually, search engines are the first harbor for people doing internet shopping. Open up Google, Yahoo!, or other engines, type the brand you quest for, and voila! A usual mix up search results left you puzzling. Haha.

Relatively in par with Google’s Froogle and Yahoo Shopping for Yahoo, but in a more specific approach, a site is stand out in terms of online shopping assistant. That is Shopwiki. Like the two search engines do, the wiki-based service also crawling for information into the web jungle. But it has single mission: to list (only) stores and products on the sale. This way, Shopwiki diverge its operation with most online shopping sites, which list only stores paid to them.

To search products on sale with Shopwiki is easy. Let’s say you hear your favorite shoe brand launched a new running collection. Your hands are itching to get one, nevertheless need to compare it with competing product from other brands. Instead of hitting search button in Google or Yahoo, you could find the info by simply typing ‘running+shoes’ in the wiki search box. Aside of showing results filtered by price and color range, a list of brands related to the search results accompanied the searched information. This give you, a brand-conscious buyer, a chance to further compare the product brands by brands.

If you want to start with a general choices, better you scroll down the directory list for Shoes, under Accessories category, which actually ended up to the same result if you type-search for ‘shoes’. Sometimes the exactly same keyword also listed in a lower category of a general category. Put as an example, there are shoes under wedding category. Developed in such a way, the category will help you to narrow down your search and find what you’re looking for.

In spite of its simple look, the site provides the visitor with general introduction as an addition to product reviews and tips, too. For me, Shopwiki is a perfect alternative, if not my main site to shop online.


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