Matano Lake Festival 2009, Celebrating the Unite of Diversity

A group of enthusiastic youth of  Sorowako, a small nickel-mining town in South Sulawesi, clubbed themselves in Pongkia Art Production, is going to hold the first Matano Lake Festival (Festival Danau Matano) 2009. In collaboration with several other youth organizers, the two days event will present local-traditional dances, folk songs, dishes, traditions, as also competitions.

Themed as Tuwu Mate Memoroko, in local tongue literally means “unite whether in live or death”, the festival fostering the idea that in spite of any disagreements, the people should keep holding hands to strive for collective aspirations.

Arranged at the popular public Ide Beach, on 6-7 June, the festival will exhibit musik bambu (group performance with bamboo wind-instruments), Nohu Bangka (women chanting while pounding on wooden boat-shaped container), Monsado dance (a welcoming dance).

Also a numbers of competitions based on tradition, such as Meulele (free dive into the lake), Katinting Race (traditional long-shaped-boat race), Meopudi (group of women compete to catch opudi or telmatherinidae fishes with net dan palm leaves), Moladu (traditional style fishing), Butini brew preparation (butini or Glossogobius matanensis is catfish-like endemic fish), and mini boat race.

The festival landscape itself is a natural wonder. Circled with rocky and material rich Verbeek mountains, Matano Lake’s is a four-million-old tectonically-trenched lake in the heart of Celebes. With an approximately 594 meters deep, it claims the 8th position as the deepest lakes in the world and is categorized as cryptodepression, the lake base is deeper than sea water level (source: National Geographic Indonesia, Nov 2008).

Some studies further reveal the 16,408 hectares natural reservoir is home to endemic fishes, crabs, mollusks, and plants. The lake is a part of the Malili Lakes System, the complex comprising of five lakes, namely Mahalona (a million years old and 60 meters deep), Towuti (a million years, 200 meters), Masapi, Lantoa, and Matano (source: Inkomunikasi magazine, 27th edition 2008).

Matano inherited its name from the old native settlement of Matano, on the west side of the lake, where one of the lake’s main springs located. Beside Matano and Sorowako people, the natives dwell in the lake surrounding, like in Nuha, Tapulemo, and Soluro, are Padoe, Karunsie, and Tambee tribes. In the present day, Sorowako is flocked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds from across Indonesia, who pursue dough from nickel mining.

To get further details on the event, please confirm to below contacts.

Secretariat : Jl. Pongkia No.75, Sorowako, Sulawesi Selatan, 92984
Phone : +6281241751590 (F. Magani), +62811424359 (Puput)
Email :
Facebook : festivaldanaumatano sorowako
Website :


3 thoughts on “Matano Lake Festival 2009, Celebrating the Unite of Diversity”

  1. akhirnya setelah lama dinantikan, festivalnya jadi juga…sy sudah membayangkan sejak lama acara seperti ini di tepian danau matano
    semoga sukses kawan!

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