Mie ayam and jet!

Starting the day a little late than usual. Got up on 07.30, taking a bath in seconds and walk for office. We passed a breakfast at yanti’s this morning, yet to have it on 10.00 o’clock after a first media meeting with AF and SB. From the meeting i got the future responsibilities will be a knock down days for all of us if we don’t invite other soldiers joining the war.

Just imagine: two consecutive annual reports, two volumes of in house magazine, weekly and biweekly advertorial at the regional dailies Tribun and Fajar as also the upcoming thrice a month publications at Pedoman Rakyat. Added to them are biweekly Katalis “serious” newsletter and weekly PAS flyer. That’s a lot for 4 people, whom two of them also burdened with other respos, like entertaining company’s vip guests, journalists or managing promotional events.

I have my lunch, together with ST and SB, at a food stall at Sorowako’s bus terminal complex. Mmm..it is not a bus terminal in a common sense as only a handful bus ever stopped here. Instead five or six innovas of toyota’s brand, with yellow police numbers, parked with all windows and doors wide open showing waiting passengers in the cars. The “luxurious” public transportation is common in this area since the late of 1990’s.

At that javanese run Mas Untung food stall, we have mie ayam that taste more like salty soup and paid 24.000 for four bowls! Thats twice as much as the same dish at Jogja 😦

During lunch SB revealed that next month we, ST and I, have to pay with our own money for every meal at yanti’s or adhimaya’s. For the first 30 days, our meal is on the expense of media relation cost center, coded as G 2101. Waw, that will be the biggest expense we should cover, as a decent lunch or dinner at both canteens priced at 15.000-20.000 rupiah !  Thankfully, we dont have to pay for the accommodation and, thanks god, the laundry!

Heard from colleagues at office that the new owner of INCO Ltd, the Canadian company which hold the major shares of PTI, will visit Sorowako next week. The executives are rumored to fly on their own jet that longer landing field at Sorowako Airport is needed. That’ s just answered my question. When we passed the airport this afternoon, three excavators seem “doing something” on the landing field.

Well, we will wait for the jet. Hopefully, it arrives with yellow police number! Hehe…salam.


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