Wished ‘Em Greener, Mr Jobs!


Apple’s products r toxic? Kick in here

Apple products – sleek looks, amazing design, meticulous attention to detail. So what’s with the toxic chemicals inside, short life spans and allowing their products to be dumped in Asia?

apple waste applewaste2

None of this fits with Apple’s iLife image, and none of this is making Apple a successful company. So why hasn’t Steve improved Apple’s design?

Well it seems Apple just doesn’t prioritize environmental concerns. Sure, they have a nice Environment section on their website. But it’s not linked from the front page, and it’s hard to find unless you know where to look. Of course it says how great Apple’s policies are. But if you look under the hood, Apple’s policies are as ugly as a beige box circa 1989.


(all text and pics r copied from http://www.greenmyapple.org/)


One thought on “Wished ‘Em Greener, Mr Jobs!”

  1. inilah dampak teknologi dan penemuan, like it or not 🙂 jadi, semoga aja si mr. jobs dkk sedang memutar otaknya untuk menciptakan barang2 yang lebih ramah2 sama lingkungannya, amin!
    (nah, yang kerja ditambang, mulailah untuk memikirkan perbaikan lingkungan juga, biar tambangnya nggak tutup kalii… :P)

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