shit..a f**kin flicker and cheap airport card

airport card flickering display halted me during a chat…shit. i just left it for only five minutes to in sleeping mode. when i activated by clicking space bar, carzy flickers scratched my display..ugh! i restarted and everything back awright. but it left me terrified with thought someday this ibook will break again. for good. ohhhh nooo…

someone named lango posted his dissapoinment about the service from so called “mac batam”. he posted yesterday at that he had been cheated by macbatam as he got old airport card instead of airport extreme he ordered. he got 6 airports for only a million rupiah, and plan to bargain it for an extreme, or 800thousand rupiah for teh six cards. the last choice is to sell it one by one for 200thousand each. tempting…i dediced to take two of them. but i have to make sure he guaranteed the cards to work…


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