flaws of my shim-hacked iBook g3

i noticed two flaws of my shim-hacked g3 iBook. i installed virtuedesktops–virtual desktop manager developed from the lighter, less feature-packed DesktopManager–and tries the default value. Three out of four desktops had the upper bars corrupted, even tilted, but the main desktop looked good. i tried all switching effects, resulted the same. the desktops showed faded windows and text, barred-bars and tilted windows. i’ve removed the app and plan to install DesktopManager instead..

the second flaw was the scrambled lines during grey-apple boot. just second before the grey apple switched to blue windows, flashed of lines corrupted the apple. Perhaps it was the shims, as i only adjusted pieces of plastic cut from CD instead of alum shims as recommended by the people at powerbook.fr

i don’t know how long my iBook will last, as for a full week it works sound and fine. when i tried to run corel draw 11, manipulated 56MB files while playing iTunes and had shiira and safari opened with 5 tabs, opened preview, 2 MB photoshop file..it worked fine. i also had it work for an unceasing 48 hours, through several sleeps and moving to several places from home to office without any err…so, i think it’s not a haste if i planned to swap my went-old and slower tecra 8000.

and oppss…i also have my iBook didn’t recognized my dlink bluetooth dongle anymore. i connected the net easily two days ago with my SE T68 and Xplor corporate chip, but last night the iBook asked me to reinstall the device. i installed the phone, paired with the laptop but saw no bluetooth in the network option. i even tried to install new port, but still the dongle not recognized. i checked with my mac mini and had it worked fine. so, is it the dongle or the iBook? still groping for answer…


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