my second mac: a hackintosh iBook

just wanna note down i’ve owning an ibook since a week ago. my second mac after a second hand 1st ed. mac mini (1.42/512/80gb) i bought on october last yer. the ibook specs is a 12″/700 Mhz/384 RAM/40 gigs Toshiba hdd (the old 20 gigs died–bought this Tosh through gadtorade mailist for 450 thsnd 🙂

got this piece from deon who sold me for under a million rupiah (approx. 100 us dollar)! dont be surprisd with the price as i got it blacked-screened due its famously known “failed logic board”. its bonged and the hdd whirls but show no screen lights whatsoever. i paid for its “promised 60gb hdd” (but it turned out to be only iBook’s standard IBM Travelstar 20 gb and DEAD!), 256 ram and not-a-single-dead-pixl display.

at first, i planned to utilize the hdd as an external backup for my mac mini, sell the memory for minimum 200 thsnd and offer the display, keyboard and cases separately on mailists and forums. i sure could get more bucks from the selling.

when the ibook still deon’s, i’ve ventured with no avail ways from web to make it work again. we almost succeeded with the applying-palm-pressure technique to the left palm rest. after a hard squeeze on the palm rest during boot the screen showed frickle lights for seconds before it went dark again. we bonged several times before given up. we planned later to give the dc-inverter cable replacement a try. but we never carried it out until deon decided to sell the dead ibook to me.

it’s been on first week after great earthquake flattened the south part of jogja and jawa tengah on 27th May. deon worked as volunteers for my office where we have access to internet for 24/7. on the day i handed the cash to deon, i found an interesting forum thread when i type “display problem + ibook” on google. it said that a chunk of possibility has been found to bring faulty-video chip ibook spring to life by inserting shims under broken video chip. that’s, the thread said, the main cause of logic board problem haunted the dual usb ibook. that mate called this a shim-hack.

i firmed myself to open the ibook by my own hand. i’ve downloaded manuals from and bought the needed torxs and screwdrivers. after a full 30 minutes of tearing things off, i reached the broken chip, put a 1 mm thick shim box shapped-cutted from a compact disc under the metal closure and wrapped all things back. i bonged and voila!…greyish apple welcome me! but, second later the screen insanely flickered and went black. tried again several times by adding more blocks until more than 2 mms thick. now i reached the booting blue screen just to find out that it didn’t detect any startup disk!

i peeled up the ibook again to get the hdd out and put it on my colleagues external case and sure it’s dead. i borrowed his hdd, flopped it on my ibook and tried a clean install. it succeeded to boot, but alas, the tiger installer was broke! found another installer, this time a panther, spend another full hour before arrived on the bluish osx window! WORKED! Flawlessly. thanks to the guys on and . You can check similar thread on Yuhuuu…


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